Explore Hien Luong Bridge - Witness the heroic history of the nation

Whenever people think about Hien Luong Bridge, people remember the pain in the past as deeply imprinted in the hearts of every Vietnamese person. The banks of Hien Luong and the Ben Hai River are historical witnesses in the past that still exist until now. Thanks to those spans against the enemy's rain, bombs, and bullets, we have independence day and freedom day. Let's go back in time with Easygo to find the relics of the Hien Luong Bridge to love and cherish the past more!

The history of Hien Luong Bridge is painful in the past

On the map of Vietnam, you will see Quang Tri as the waist of an S-shaped piece of land. This place has a very important strategic position in history and is also the place where the Hien Luong Bridge crosses the Ben Hai River. 

Hien Luong Bridge is a famous bridge connecting National Highway 1A and is located at km735 in Hien Luong village, Vinh Thanh commune, Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province.

However, it has been 65 years since the days of passing through the rain of bombs and bullets of the enemy so that our country can have a peaceful and free day as it is now.

How many people know that there is a Hien Luong bridge that had to bend day and night to bear the heavy consequences of the war to have moments of pride in the sky of Quang Tri like today.

This bridge was formerly called Minh Luong - the name was given from the reign of King Minh Mang, later the residents here decided to change its name to Hien Luong.

The Ben Hai River crossing the historic bridge was originally also called the Ben Hoi River because the Quang Tri people in the local language read the word "hoi" as deviating from the word "hai".

The banks of Hien Luong - Ben Hai are familiar names associated with the cluster of historical relics surrounding the banks of the Ben Hai River and the Hien Luong Bridge.

This place became a historical witness in the days of "the country divided in two", watching the entire enduring and tragic resistance war of the whole Vietnamese nation during the heroic resistance war against the US in 1954.

Because it is a special place in the position of two banks on the Vietnamese strip, the cluster of relics of Hien Luong bridge - Ben Hai River was chosen by the US as a place to divide our country, their purpose is to cause internal conflicts to convenient to rule.

This historic cluster is located on the 17th parallel from West to East on the national map and is also located at the intersection between National Highway 1A and Bac Hai river, on the south bank of Xuan Hoa village. Trung Hai commune, Do Linh district, the North bank belongs to the territory of Hien Luong village, Vinh Thanh commune, Vinh Linh district is invisible as a knot dividing the country into two distinct sides.

One of the most memorable historical events during the long and arduous journey of our nation's resistance to national salvation was in July 1954, after the Vietnamese army and people's resistance war against the French came to victory. France and our country signed the Geneva Agreement, restoring peace in Vietnam based on respecting the sovereignty of all three countries.

How proud and heroic because in hardships, the bridge and the national river buckled to bear so much pain and loss during the 20 years of the resistance war against the US, and then patiently waited for the day to come independent country.

That joy finally returned in the great victory in the spring of 1975, the moment our country officially resumed the two banks of Hien Luong - Ben Hai.

In 2003, our country officially restored the system of historical monuments. This is both a place for tourists to visit when coming to Quang Tri and a stop for people to reminisce about the heroic and tragic past of the nation that used to "shake off the mud - get up - shine".

Pictures of Hien Luong Bridge in the present time

More than half a decade has passed, the "land of fire" in the past has changed skin and flesh, the current Hien Luong bridge has brought a very new look, still majestic, majestic, and still there reflecting the history. the glory of the nation.

The land of smoke and bombs in the past has given way to the green colors of rice fields, immense green rubber forests, and houses growing close to the banks. Along the banks of the Ben Hai River along the Hien Luong bridge are now rich shrimp farming areas that contribute significantly to the improvement of people's lives here.

The historic bridge is painted in two colors, blue and yellow, of which green is a symbol of peace in the north and yellow for freedom on the other side. Those two colors have reflected the history truly, at the same time creating a highlight for tourism and attracting more and more visitors from all over the region.

If you have the opportunity, come visit this place to relax and remember a time when our nation was strong!