Exploring Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery - Cai Bau Pagoda in Quang Ninh

 As one of the two major monasteries of Quang Ninh city, Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh is an attractive tourist destination for pilgrims to visit and admire.

Come with Easygo to visit this spiritual and cultural work with beautiful architecture and landscape!

Where is Cai Bau Pagoda?


Cai Bau Pagoda, also known as Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery, is located on Bai Dai of Van Don district and about 65km from the center of Ha Long city (Quang Ninh).

The temple started construction in 2007, on the foundation of Phuc Linh Tu and was officially inaugurated in 2009.

Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh

Means of transportation to Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh

To move to Cai Bau pagoda in village 1, Ha Long commune, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, from the center of Hanoi you can take a bus, personal car or motorbike.

The distance from Hanoi to Van Don is about 250km and the average travel time is about 3.5 - 5 hours depending on the vehicle.

  • Traveling by bus

Many bus routes are running from Hanoi to Van Don at My Dinh, Yen Nghia, or Luong Yen stations with fares from 120,000 VNĐ/ way/ person.

Refer to Xuan Truong garage: 09127676880962635888.

➤ Bus station: Yen Nghia - Cam Pha - Cua Ong.

➤ Morning departure: 5:50 am - 6:10 am - 8:00 am.

➤ Afternoon departure: 13h00 - 13h30 - 14h30.

  • Traveling by personal vehicle

Route 1: From Hanoi, you follow Highway 5 through Hai Duong city, then from Nam Sach town - Hai Duong along Highway 183 to Sao Do town - Chi Linh, Hai Duong and then go to Dong Trieu, Uong Bi, Ha Long, Cam Pha, Cua Ong to Van Don.

Route 2: From Hanoi, you follow Highway 5 to Sai Dong junction and then follow road 1 to Bac Ninh city. Follow road 18 from Bac Ninh to Pha Lai - Chi Linh - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Ha Long - Cam Pha then turn to Cua Ong temple and then to Van Don.

When should I visit Cai Bau Pagoda?

Because of the attractive landscape and spiritual place, you can visit Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery at any time of the year. But especially from January to March of the lunar calendar, when the festival season takes place, the atmosphere here will be extremely busy. The cool weather in the early spring of the new year attracts a lot of Buddhists and tourists to visit and admire the temple.

Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh

Cai Bau Pagoda - the most beautiful coastal temple in Quang Ninh

The landscape of Cai Bau pagoda

This Monastery is said to be the most beautiful coastal temple in Quang Ninh because of the special terrain that nature has bestowed. In front of the pagoda is the immense beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay, and behind the pagoda is green and majestic mountain range.

Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh

That picturesque is sketched by the green of the mountains, the trees, and the blue of the sky and the sea - an extremely harmonious and pure combination.

To enter the temple you do not have to pay a fee and do not have to use the cable car like many other temples. You can hike to visit the pagoda and feel the quiet and pure atmosphere and precious unspoiled natural beauties.

Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh

The landscape of the pagoda is not only decorated very thoughtfully but also kept clean and sanctified, not allowing to desecrate the environment as well as gather to sell stalls to pull customers.

Having the opportunity to visit the temple to listen to the murmuring waves of the sea and the echo of the pagoda quietly echoing in the wind, you will find your heart extremely peaceful and refreshing.

Overview of the architecture of Cai Bau pagoda

The temple campus is not too big with an area of 20ha, but it is very airy and separate from the residential area.

From the architecture to the decoration, reliefs, and stairs of the pagoda, it is similar to many other temples in Vietnam. Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh includes the main hall with 2 floors high and 6,000 m2, the three-way gate, the ancestral house, the bell tower, the monk's residence, the guest house of monks and nuns, the abbot hall, the meditation hall, and the meditation hall. , the gallery of street boys. In addition, the temple is also particularly impressed with the image of a 50-meter-high Buddha image on the top of the mountain behind the Zen Monastery.

Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh

The main part of the temple hall is where the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is placed on the bronze relief. To the left and right are statues of Manjushri and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, representing wisdom and compassion.

Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh
Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh

Tourist attractions near Cai Bau Pagoda in Quang Ninh

Mostly when people visit Cai Bau Pagoda in Quang Ninh, it will be a journey of discovery with 2 other places including Cua Ong Temple and Ba Vang Pagoda.

Three Golden Temple

Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh

Located on a high mountain, Ba Vang Pagoda has brought a unique title: the temple with the largest main hall in Vietnam. The temple campus is currently being expanded and renovated with many unique and attractive beauties.

Cua Ong Temple

Cua Ong Temple is located on a hill in Cua Ong Ward, Cam Pha city, Quang Ninh province, more than 40 km northeast of Ha Long. This place marks many historical and cultural features of the past and is a place that attracts quite a lot of attention from tourists.

Cai Bau pagoda in Quang Ninh

Let's Easygo admire the whole scene of Cai Bau Pagoda in Quang Ninh through the video below! Thank you for following our article and hope you will have meaningful spiritual experiences at this temple!