Top 7+ famous Ninh Binh specialties near and far must be enjoyed

Ninh Binh not only has breathtaking scenery but also has mossy relics such as Hoa Lu ancient capital. This place is also famous for Ninh Binh specialties that visitors must remember forever.

Let's Easygo discover the Top 7+ famous Ninh Binh specialties near and far that must be enjoyed!

Ninh Binh crispy rice

One of the most famous Ninh Binh specialties is crispy rice. This is a rustic dish that is loved by many people.

famous Ninh Binh specialties

Crispy rice is made from crispy fried pure rice. Ninh Binh Crispy rice has a mild aroma of carefully selected rice grains combined with the sweet taste of salted shredded meat, which is extremely characteristic and can only be found here.

You can find this unique dish everywhere, from Ninh Binh city to famous scenic areas such as Bai Dinh pagoda, Trang An, Hoa Lu ancient capital, ... with extremely affordable prices.

Kim Son Nhech fish salad

The fish is a specialty fish in Ninh Binh. To enjoy the fullest flavor of this fish, local people often recommend the Nhech fish salad of the Kim Son region.

famous Ninh Binh specialties

The big Nhech fish and weighing up to 400 kg are extremely fresh and the meat is meticulously and carefully processed to create a salad that makes diners fall in love and not forget.

When enjoying this dish, you will feel the aroma of roasted glutinous rice and the sour taste of vinegar, adding a little pungent from the spices mixed in the bowl of salad dressing.

Ninh Binh mountain snail

Mountain snail is a specialty of Ninh Binh that is newly known but won the hearts of many tourists.

famous Ninh Binh specialties

This is a rare species of snail that is difficult to catch. They live in craggy rock shelters deep in caves. The harvest season of this snail coincides with the rainy season, from April to August. To catch mountain snails, people have to get up from dawn to harvest when the snails crawl out of the cave to feed.

Ninh Binh mountain snail has a very attractive flavor, is chewy, crispy, and has the sweetness of traditional medicine. Coming to Ninh Binh, you can enjoy dishes made from different mountain snails such as grilled mountain snails, fried mountain snails with tamarind, steamed mountain snails with ginger, ...

Hoa Lu goat

As a land with many hills, goats have become a specialty that cannot be ignored when referring to Ninh Binh. This is a rustic dish that has been famous for many generations in the ancient capital of Hoa Lu.

The most famous of the dishes made from goats is the Hoa Lu goat. This is a relatively sophisticated dish in processing.

Each piece of goat meat, after being carefully processed, will bring a delicious taste, without any bad smell. Rare goat is often eaten with leaves, fruits, and the typical ginger soy sauce of Ninh Binh.

Roasted rice field crab with guise leaves

Roasted rice field crab with guise leaves is a typical Ninh Binh specialty that visitors should not miss when coming to Ninh Binh.

famous Ninh Binh specialties

The main ingredients of this dish are fresh, greasy field crabs that are carefully processed and crispy roasted with sliced bay leaves. All create a taste of the homeland, simple but delicious, making visitors crave.

Braised fish with Gao

Gao is a species of floating sturgeon that often grows wild in streams and has the effect of making medicine. Many local people have modified and brought this plant into Ninh Binh cuisine with braised fish with a unique and unique flavor.

famous Ninh Binh specialties

The fruit has a sour and slightly sweet taste that has a seductive aroma that not only helps to eliminate the fishy smell of fish but also brings a novelty to an extremely familiar rustic dish such as braised fish.

Yen Mac fermented pork roll

The Yen Mac district of Ninh Binh is famous near and far for its traditional spring rolls.

famous Ninh Binh specialties

The main ingredients of Ninh Binh specialties are finely ground pork along with shredded pork skin that is seasoned with spices to taste.

To increase the appeal of spring rolls, locals often add chili garlic and guava leaves to wrap together.

Although the ingredients to make a Yen Mac fermented pork roll are very simple, the process to make spring rolls with the characteristic pink color of pork with a delicious taste is not simple at all.

Gia Vien shrimp paste

When arriving in the ancient capital, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy Ninh Binh specialties Gia Vien shrimp paste. Many people believe that this is one of the most typical representatives of Ninh Binh cuisine.

The main ingredients for this fish sauce are old shrimp with a small round body and blue shell that are still fresh and delicious. After being carefully prepared, the shrimp are put in jars and sealed for at least a month before being cooked. After processing, the fish sauce has a characteristic sweet taste of shrimp that is extremely attractive to diners.

Ninh Binh not only has unparalleled beauty but also has special dishes that make people unforgettable. Pack your bags and come to Ninh Binh as soon as possible.