Peace in Bai Lu - Nghe An | ( Update 10/2021 )

If you are too tired of the hustle and bustle, Bai Lu Nghe An is an ideal destination for you because of its peaceful and simple beauty, separate from the hard-to-find city.

Let's Easygo discover the beauty of Bai Lu Nghe An!

Where is Bai Lu?

Bai Lu has an area of nearly 160 hectares, located in the northeast of Nghi Loc district, in the territory of two communes Nghi Yen and Nghi Tien.

A little about Bai Lu Nghe An

Unlike the lively and bustling Cua Lo, Bai Lu Nghe An is peaceful and simple. Here, a quiet sea and mountains blend "mountains interspersed with the sea, sea interspersed with clouds and sky" t with thrilling legends, touches people's hearts. The wild and mysterious beauty of the land of many legends has created a strange attraction.

Peace in Bai Lu - Nghe An

The scenery of Bai Lu, where the sea is deeply rooted in the mainland, where the mountains and the sea meet, creates an indescribable majestic beauty. Long sandy beach, blue seawater, the waves here are also "gentle, soft, timid like a young woman" just gently overlapping each other to play, creating melodious, calm sounds.

Bai Lu is likened to Da Lat of Nghe An, the reason for such a simile is because Bai Lu has thousands of pine trees reaching out to the sea. From afar, Bai Lu appears with a winding stretch of golden sand embracing the sea, one side is the sparkling sky-colored water, the other is the cool blue color of the wind-blown groves. Walking under the coniferous leaves in the middle of hot days makes tourists stop at Bai Lu and can't help but think of Da Lat between the four and the immense sea.

The best time to go to Bai Lu Nghe An

The temperature in the Bai Lu beach area in general and Nghe An, in particular, is relatively high in the summer, when the heat is a nightmare for people in the Central region. This is also the time when storms from the East Sea can make sudden waves, causing bad weather phenomena. So

The most suitable time to travel to Bai Lu Nghe An is still in the summer, but if you go around April-May, the weather will be relatively more pleasant because it is not too hot at this time. By about July-August, the temperature in the Central region increases very high, if you go this time, it will be quite tiring.

From September to November, the weather is cool (not too cold but not too hot) and you can still swim, of course not as much as in summer. If swimming is not too important, you can travel to Cua Lo on this occasion and then conveniently visit Bai Lu.

Directions to Bai Lu Nghe An

From Hanoi to Bai Lu Nghe An is about 270km, with this distance, the travel time will be about 6-7 hours.

If you use private vehicles, you can combine Bai Lu tourism with Cua Lo tourism because these two places are not too far apart, each place can stay for one night to change the atmosphere.

If using public transport, the bus routes to Nghe An or Ha Tinh, if traveling on 1A, will go through the turn to Bai Lu. From outside this National Highway 1A to Bai Lu about 5km, you can take a taxi or motorbike taxi depending on the number of people in your group.

What to do at Bai Lu Nghe An?

Bai Lu

Bai Lu Nghe An is where the sea goes deep into the mainland, so the seawater here is clear, each small pebble can be seen. According to many research works, the water in Bai Lu has a high percentage of minerals because it is located in the sediments of rocks and the sea is close to the mountains, so it is very good for health.

The waves are not too big, but gently pat the shore, along with the gentle stretch of sand, you can comfortably play volleyball and football here. When the sunset falls, relax and follow the bicycle cycles around the dreamy Bai Lu.

Cua Hien Beach

Cua Hien has a clear and blue sea, but it is strangely deserted. Right at the beach, many rocks are jutting out like a sea fish called Ngu Hai rock. This is the only area of Nghe An that does not have the hot southwest wind in the summer.

Peace in Bai Lu - Nghe An

What makes Cua Hien different from other beaches in the pristine landscape from rocky beaches, sandy beaches, roads, and even mountains. Although the restaurants in Cua Hien are not many and still have the rustic character of the countryside, where the seafood is always fresh and the prices are very affordable.

Nha Le canal

Nha Le canal is an ancient river system dug during the reign of King Le Dai Hanh to transport military supplies to the south of Dai Co Viet to expand the territory to the south and develop the country's agricultural economy.

Peace in Bai Lu - Nghe An

This system consists of many rivers newly dug or dredged from natural rivers that were used by the feudal dynasties of the Former Le, Later Le, Nguyen, and during the anti-American resistance war for transportation, military, and other purposes. Agricultural Development. The Nha Le River is the first waterway in Vietnamese history and is considered the Ho Chi Minh Trail on the river because of its contributions to the wars against the Vietnamese invaders.

Sections of Nha Le Canal in Nghe An are located in coastal districts, often bearing local names. The section is also named Nha Le River, which flows through Dien Chau, Nghi Loc, Hung Nguyen, and Vinh districts.

Sea of ​​Dragon Cape, Nghi Thiet

To get to Mui Rong - Nghi Thiet beach, visitors have to go around Nghi Quang. Many Nghe An people come to the sea to dispel the fatigue and heat of summer and choose Nghi Thiet beach instead of crowded Cua Lo and Cua Hoi.

Peace in Bai Lu - Nghe An

Because Nghi Thiet is as beautiful as Cua Lo, it is suitable for resort exploration because it has a smooth, safe, and empty sand beach, and there are no service shops around, but if you go with a group of friends, can bring food, organize camping on the beach, and it will be very interesting.

Trung Kien Shipbuilding Village

About 10km from Bai Lu, Trung Kien shipbuilding village in Nghi Thiet commune (Nghi Loc, Nghe An) is famous for its age of up to 700 years.

Peace in Bai Lu - Nghe An

Legend has it that 700 years ago when Le Loi led his army to fight the Minh invaders when he crossed the Le Canal, he, unfortunately, ran aground, hearing that a fisherman specializing in building wooden ships in the village came up with an initiative, sawing the wooden ship in half. Turns its head, lifts it out of the shallows and then closes it again. The initiative was successful, he was highly rewarded by General Tay Son and conferred the title "Pre-dynasty Minh Minh General".

That is the story about the ancestor of Trung Kien shipbuilding village that everyone in the village knows and is proud to tell visitors to the village.

A must-try specialty when coming to Bai Lu Nghe An

If you have decided to stay overnight at Bai Lu Nghe An, you have no choice but to eat at the restaurants located right in this resort. If you want a variety of choices and cheaper prices, you can move to Cua Hien beach about 1km away, there are many restaurants for you to choose from and enjoy fresh seafood.