Vung Tau Night Market - An attractive nightlife destination

Going to Vung Tau, traveling or backpacking, seafood is the best choice for you! You've heard of Da Lat night market, Hanoi Old Quarter night market, but it's hard to find any market with fresh and cheap seafood like Vung Tau night market.

Let's Easygo the night market that makes many tourists "addicted" to this!

Vung Tau night market

Specific location to Vung Tau night market

To Vung Tau, go to the Imperials Hotel, Thang Tam ward, Vung Tau, the night market is right behind this hotel, near Nguyen Bieu - Dao Duy Tu junction. You can rent rooms at Imperials for convenient travel.

Vung Tau night market

Called a night market, but this is just a long street, most of the shops on the two sides specialize in seafood. This place is open from about 4 pm to 3 am, especially 24/24 on holidays.

“At more than 11 p.m., you come here, but from the entrance of the gate, you can feel the bustling atmosphere and the smell of seafood attracting you.”

Suggestions for restaurants in the Vung Tau night market

In Vung Tau night market, there are many restaurants and it is not difficult for you to find one that makes you satisfied, and here are some suggestions for you:

Hang Uyen Restaurant

Hang Uyen restaurant at Vung Tau night market is known for having big octopus with the best price; other shellfish are also fresh. When you finish choosing the food, the shop will bring it in for processing, you just need to go across the street to find a table and wait to enjoy it.

The octopus dish here will not disappoint you at all. Usually, the price at the restaurant includes processing.

Kim Anh shop

The restaurant is located at the end of the night market. This is the favorite address of tourists near and far and Vung Tau people.

The seafood dishes here are seasoned very well, the ingredients are always fresh and especially the prices are very reasonable. There is a variety of shellfish, snails, shrimp and crabs, squid, octopus, fish, etc., at the shop. The seafood here is prepared on the spot for you so it's delicious.

Truong Thanh Restaurant

The seafood at the restaurant has a unique taste, is very delicious, and the snails are sweet and spicy. Visitors here like grilled garlic snails with salt so much that they had to order a second plate because they liked the rich taste of this dish. The space is quite large, airy and clean, so you will be very satisfied.

Why do people like the Vung Tau night market?

Wide variety of dishes, bustling space

Come to Vung Tau night market, you should not eat first at home, go hungry for delicious seafood there

Vung Tau night market is considered a real "seafood kingdom" because diners can easily find a lot of seafood here, some species are quite rare only in this sea. You will feel "dizzy" by the stalls selling fresh seafood, the taste of the ocean is excruciating in the small market.

Vung Tau night market

The space of the shops is cool, clean, tidy and the seafood here is very diverse, processed on the spot, fully comfortable for you to choose: shrimp, crab, fish, squid, crab, oyster, mantis shrimp, scallops, snails, mussels, etc. All are extremely fresh.

Vung Tau night market

If you like simplicity, Vung Tau night market will be the choice for you. Popularity here is reflected in the service of the staff at the restaurant, although the shops are not decorated as beautifully as the luxury restaurants, the seafood here is very delicious, the prices are reasonable and the space of the restaurant is large, clean and nice.

Vung Tau night market

The bustling atmosphere, the aroma of smoky dishes is an irresistible attraction that makes you extremely excited to immediately discover the dishes of rimmed squid, steamed clams with lemongrass, and grilled scallops. onion fat, grilled oysters with cheese, fried mussels with lemongrass and chili,...

Vung Tau night market is familiar to people not only domestic but also foreign tourists, they come to the market all night and can't leave the food.

 “On windy evenings, you will gather with a few friends to sit by the grill, order a few glasses of lai rai beer until the shop closes, and enjoy the most relaxing moment after a busy life.”

Souvenir shops near Vung Tau night market

In addition to the seafood stalls that make the market famous, there are also souvenir shops. If the seafood area is crowded, the souvenir area is much quieter.

This area is located near the parking lot, so after parking the car, you can come here to wander before enjoying the seafood.

Vung Tau night market

Here mainly selling souvenirs made from snail shells such as accessories, keychains, wind chimes, stuffed animals, decorations... very pretty. You can freely bid here, the sales staff is very cute and friendly.

Experience for you when going to Vung Tau night market

Vung Tau night market, also known as the seafood night market, is always crowded with people from the moment it opens until the lights turn off.

  • As for the price, from about 50,000 VND to 200,000 VND, you can enjoy different types of seafood. Please rest assured to enjoy without worrying about being cut and slashed, because the competition here is quite fierce, so there is no "price" going up.
  • You will see seafood sold close to each other on both sides of the market, everywhere is fresh and delicious, there are food stalls that have been marinated for the seasoning to infuse more evenly.
  • A little hint for you is that the deeper you go inside, the softer the price of the basket will be compared to the outside from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND. It's best to find places where the shellfish are still wiggling to swoop in because the seafood will be fresh and cheap again.
  • Usually, the price list listed will be left in front of the shop. If you don't have one and you want to know the price in advance for convenience, feel free to ask. Even if you don't buy it, it's okay because the sellers here are quite friendly.

Vung Tau night market is one of the places that tourists coming here cannot miss. In addition to buying fresh seafood, cheap prices, visitors will enjoy countless delicious dishes.

“So do not hesitate to come to this market to discover Vung Tau cuisine.”