Top Seven Hue specialties that can not miss if you set foot in the Ancient Capital

As an ancient citadel, Hue is known for its beautiful cultural traditions, poetic Perfume River, and beautiful royal dances. However, Hue is also known for its cuisine that makes many tourists fall in love.

Let's explore with Easygo the Top 7+ Hue specialties that can not miss if you set foot in the ancient capital!

Clam rice

Clam rice is one of the most famous Hue specialties for tourists from all over the world. This is a simple dish but has a taste that makes people remember.

Hue specialties

A proper bowl of Clam rice will include a portion of white rice with clam stir-fried with lemongrass and chives, ginger with all the sweet and spicy flavors of the ancient capital. When enjoying this dish, you will be served with a bowl of extremely sweet boiled clam soup and a cup of royal tea with a very refreshing taste of musty herbs.

To enjoy the most authentic part of Hue rice, visit the popular restaurants in the Con Hen area. For only 15,000 VND – 20,000 VND, you can have a very delicious lunch.

Hue Spicy beef noodle soup

When a dish is associated with a place, you can already feel the characteristics of this dish. Hue Spicy beef noodle soup is a dish with a unique flavor that makes visitors fall in love.

Hue specialties

With big noodles but still rich in flavor, rich sweet broth from pork bones and spices, and various kinds of crab cakes, beef rolls, ... All have created a bowl of Hue beef noodle soup with a unique taste, a specialty dish of Hue that makes you miss.

Hue sweet soup

Hue is the world of sweet soup and this is the most famous Hue specialty snack. You can find tea anywhere, from big streets to small alleys, from big shops to street vendors.

Hue specialties

Hue sweet soup has many varieties from taro bananas, mung beans, green beans, lotus seeds, ... Each type has its characteristics with a sweet taste that is extremely suitable for the summer heat.

In addition, Hue also has a very unique sweet soup, which is roasted pork tapioca sweet soup. It sounds weird, but this is a very interesting dish. Small pieces of roasted meat with crispy skin wrapped in a layer of filter powder served with a light sweet soup. This is a dish that you should enjoy not only for its uniqueness but also for its delicious taste.

Hue grilled pork skewers

Hue grilled pork skewer is one of Hue specialties that has made its own identity of the cuisine of the ancient capital.

Hue specialties

The dish has a very simple and rustic way of processing but still has a unique flavor that is true to the standards of Hue cuisine. The marinated Hue pork skewers are grilled by hand and then served with raw vegetables, pineapple, and sliced star fruit with a special dipping sauce that will make you remember forever.

Savory steamed rice cake

Not only have a variety of sweet soups, but Hue is also a paradise of cakes. Famous near and far among them is savory steamed rice cake.

Hue specialties

Savory steamed rice cake is made from milled rice water poured into small cups and steamed. The layer of white cake is evenly sprinkled with a layer of red-orange shrimp paste, a little yellow onion, and a greasy, fragrant fat with a little onion fat.

The cake is served with sweet and spicy chili sauce in harmony with the layer of rice cake that makes diners fall in love.

Tapioca dumpling cake

Tapioca dumpling cake is one of the most famous Hue specialties. Cakes are divided into two types, which are wrapped cakes (cakes wrapped in banana leaves or dong leaves) and bare cakes (cakes without leaves wrapped). The only difference between the two types of cakes is that the wrapping leaves and the cake dough as well as the filling are still identical.

Hue specialties

The filling of the Tapioca dumpling cake usually includes shrimp, minced bacon, which is turned over to fit the mouth. Tapioca dumpling cake will be served with a slightly sweet dipping sauce accompanied by a few slices of extremely delicious green chili.

Hue crispy pancake (Khoai cake)

If you don't pay close attention, you will confuse Khoai cake and  Xeo cake because of their relatively similar appearance. However, Khoai cake is slightly coated with pancakes and the dough crust is also thicker.

Another difference between the two dishes is in the sauce. Xeo cake has a dipping sauce made from fish sauce and is served with pickles and chili peppers while Khoai cake is dipped in broth. A dipping sauce made from pork liver, pureed lean pork cooked with Hue soy sauce and sesame, and crushed roasted peanuts. 

Flat steamed rice dumpling cake

Flat steamed rice dumpling cake is also another famous Hue specialty cake. This is a dish that you can find in any street vendors, in alleys in Hue.

Hue specialties

The rectangular cake is carefully wrapped in fragrant dong leaves. The clear white powder layer shows the pinkish pink color of the shrimp inside, which is very attractive. A flat steamed rice dumpling cake is often served with green chili fish sauce and shrimp paste.

If you come to Hue, don't forget to try the specialties that Easygo introduced above ^^ Make sure to love eating it.