If you want to have amazing photoshoots, go to "Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden" in Tien Giang

Anyone who travels also wants to find a suitable place to check in to keep beautiful photos. So if there is a trip to My Tho - Tien Giang, which place will serve your virtual living needs?

Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden is the answer that Easygo wants to suggest to you in today's article! When you are immersed in the kingdom of blooming flowers, you will have the opportunity to capture an entire photo album that is both beautiful and full of memories. Let's explore the beauty of Man Dinh Hong’s flower garden with Easygo before setting off!

Introducing the colorful Man Dinh Hong flower garden


"Man Dinh Hong flower garden is a garden with an area of 1.2ha located in Phuoc Thuan hamlet, Phuoc Thanh commune, My Tho city, Tien Giang province."

From the early days of 2018 until now, this place is still an address that many tourists, especially young people, love and visit.

Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden

Entrance ticket price

The cost to visit and take pictures with flowers is very cheap, with only 30,000 VND / 1 person, visitors can freely have fun at Man Dinh Hong.

Accompanied by a completely free parking fee, so on weekends and holidays, this place can welcome 500-700 visitors at its peak. The service is ideal but the price is very cheap, why not experience it, right?

Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden

How to move to the flower garden

The way to Man Dinh Hong flower garden is easy to find, you can refer to the following 2 ways to move:

  • Move in the first direction: From Trung Luong junction, you go to the industrial park welcome gate (next to Tien Giang martyrs cemetery), 200m from the industrial park welcome gate towards Cai Lay, then turn to "Phuoc  Thuan cultural hamlet– Phuoc Thanh commune” go another 1km to arrive.
  • Move-in the second direction: Trung An Commune Committee runs to about 400m (towards the Welcome Gate of the Industrial Park), then turns to Mot Quang Street with the welcome gate "Cultural Hamlet 1-3" and goes another 1 km, finally turn right onto Doan Thi Dieu street 400m to arrive.

The person behind the beauty of Man Dinh Hong flower garden

Behind the colorful garden that attracts hundreds of tourists is the success and efforts of the owner who created it.

According to Ms. Phuong Dung - the owner of the flower garden, the large space of this flower field was formerly swidden, but due to low economic efficiency, she decided to renovate the barren land into beautiful flowers gardens to serve visitors.

Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden

“I happened to see many beautiful flower fields in foreign countries online. Therefore, she came up with the idea of ​​setting up a flower garden to attract young people to have fun and take pictures and since 2013, she has created this unique flower garden.

Since I'm just starting out, I experiment with a flower every year and grow more than 10 varieties of flowers. Mainly choose flowers of moderate range, neither too low nor too high for young people to take pictures.

At first, I bought seeds online, then I bought them directly from the US and Japan. First time manually watering, then install an automatic irrigation system. As for weeding and planting flowers, labor must be hired, "said Phuong Dung.

Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden

The new model in the early days of experimenting with Ms. Dung was quite difficult. Sometimes, when there was a lot of rain or drought, her efforts seemed to be lost.

However, with a passion for creating beauty and hoping to create an interesting tour for people in the area, she persists with her work. Those flower beds later became more and more brilliant and attracted many eyes and viewers' love.

The beauty of the flower garden causes nostalgia in Tien Giang

In this garden, visitors will encounter many different types of flowers such as sunflower, heather, lotus mandarin, imitation star, juniper, persimmon, chrysanthemum ...

With a variety of shapes and colors, these flowers form a sea of flowers and between the flower beds are designed to separate paths for visitors to visit and take photos.

In addition, Ms. Dung is also very creative when designing miniatures associated with Vietnamese villages such as straw, thatched roofs, dinghy, lotus ponds, monkey bridge, etc., adding more interest to the garden.

Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden

Man Dinh Hong flower garden every season becomes more attractive and attractive than ever, each flower is stretched out as if showing all the beauty that people can't help but enjoy, not admire or stop to commemorate a photo.

The highlight of the flower garden must be the entrance to the garden and the flower growing areas, they are designed with gourd trellis, wrong loofah, and flower trellis dangling down the aisle to create a very familiar feeling idyllic.

The large space of the flower garden is a perfect location for couples who are looking for a “nature studio” for wedding photography. Not only attracting children, adults, households, but especially this place is also an ideal youth rendezvous for many young people.

Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden

If you want to transform into many different outfits and photo styles, the dressing room here is completely free!

If you have the opportunity to visit Tien Giang, remember to check-in at Man Dinh Hong flower garden and share it with Easygo! Wishing you a happy trip soon and a lot of fun in the colorful garden in Tien Giang!