List of 5+ great tourist attractions in Ca Mau

As the last province on the S-shaped strip of land, Ca Mau in the subconscious of every Vietnamese person exists as something sacred and meaningful.

That land has a bold shape of mangrove forests, where it is silently preserved every inch of the country's land day and night. Wouldn't it be great to have a chance to discover something special in Ca Mau? Let's Easygo across the country to check-in 5+ most worthy tourist destinations in Ca Mau!

Visit Ca Mau Cape land - Where the land can expand, the forest can move

Cape Ca Mau is a protruding piece of land at the southern end of the country and belongs to Ca Mau province.

great tourist attractions in Ca Mau

The journey to conquer the South Pole is not as difficult and dangerous as the roads to the West or the North Pole, it is simply a journey through countless vast trees or smooth asphalt roads. swamps and canals.

It seems that nowhere on the S-shaped strip of land looks the sun so close, the sunset of Ca Mau Cape is probably the most brilliant and clear. It can be early dawn when the sun is open, it can also be a glorious sunset on the horizon. The red sun dyed the sky, covering the watercolor.

Cape Ca Mau is a place where anyone who passes by is probably proud of the Fatherland and Vietnamese people

What does Ca Mau Silver Stone have to attract visitors?

Located about 50 km from the center of Ca Mau city, Silver Stone island has become a famous tourist destination for many tourists because of its wild beauty.

Silver Stone island is a cluster of 3 large and small islands with a total area of about 6.43 ha. The three islands include Hon Ong Ngo, Hon Da Le, and Hon Da Bac.

Not only having a wild and majestic natural beauty, but Silver Stone island also carries in itself extremely valuable spiritual beauty associated with the religious life of the coastal people. When visiting Da Bac Island, you definitely cannot miss the Tomb of Ong Nam Hai.

Discover a whole resource in Ca Mau mangrove forest

Referring to topography and natural conditions, Ca Mau is probably the most special land because, in addition to marine resources, there is also Ca Mau mangrove forest with the most unique and diverse ecosystem.

In the list of mangroves in the world, the Ca Mau mangrove forest of our country is only behind the Amazon forest of South America. The total forest area is up to 63,017 ha and spans 6 districts of Dam Doi, Phu Tan, Tran Van Thoi, U Minh, Ngoc Hien, and Nam Can.

Tourists when traveling to Ca Mau can just go down the boat under the forest canopy to watch birds and relax, enjoy the rustic dishes from the forest.

What is the difference between Khoai Island Ca Mau and other islands?

Khoai island, also known as Giang Tien island or Doc Lap island, belongs to Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, 14.6km from the mainland. This is an honor to be considered as one of the most beautiful islands in the southernmost part of the country.

great tourist attractions in Ca Mau

What's on Khoai island Ca Mau? This is a large archipelago consisting of many small islands such as Hon Lon, Hon Nho, Hon Tuong, Hon Sao, Hon Doi Moi. Through the changes of nature, the small islands connect to form a giant potato in the middle of the sea.

Khoai island is favored by nature with many types of terrain that are both rocky, hilly, and forested.

Hot summer at Khai Long beach resort

What is the attraction of Khai Long beach resort to tourists? Khai Long's tourist area is about 97 km from Ca Mau city, only about 15 km from Dat Mui, about 400 km from Saigon.

In addition, the Khai Long tourist area is located right on Ca Mau - Khai Long - Dat Mui road, so you can easily stop by during your Ca Mau trip.

great tourist attractions in Ca Mau

Because Khai Long beach and sea have unspoiled beauty, when traveling, you can freely enjoy the beauty or experience peace on the deserted coast.

Watching the sunrise on the sea with breakfast and a cup of coffee will pull you away from the hustle and bustle of modern life to peacefully enjoy a light and peaceful life.

Immerse yourself in the Southern market - Ca Mau floating market

Like many famous markets in the West, in the southernmost land, there is also a floating market honoring the trading culture and human life taking place on the river.

great tourist attractions in Ca Mau

Ca Mau Floating Market takes place on Ganh Hao River, in Ward 8 of the center of Ca Mau. You can observe, buy and sell on boats, simply listen to the people's songs and immerse yourself in their busy and busy lives or enjoy garden fruits and attractive specialties. another.

What is Ca Mau floating market? The market sells a wide variety of items from fruits to home appliances. Surely travelling here will bring you interesting and new experiences.

Hope the article helps you have a look at what Ca Mau has to offer and wish you have a trip to Ca Mau with many memories!