Top 5+ tourist attractions worth visiting in An Giang

Easygo - An Giang is an "emerging" land in the Vietnamese tourism community and the best time to visit this place is from January to April. This place not only brings peaceful feelings to the hearts of tourists but also makes those who have come fall in love with the charming beauty of the country.

So what does An Giang have for tourists not to miss? To have an interesting trip, please note 5+ attractive tourist attractions in An Giang in this article!

What does An Giang have? A place not to be missed is the Tra Su Melaleuca forest

In the flood season, Tra Su An Giang Melaleuca forest has a charming beauty of green but still smooth duckweed wings on mangrove water, trying to embrace the roots of many years old Melaleuca forest.

An Giang tourist destination

This Melaleuca forest has a fairly large area, up to more than 14,000 hectares in both core and buffer zones. This is a forest in the special-use forest system of Vietnam, which needs to be preserved and developed.

When the golden dandelions bloom on the canal banks, and also when the Linh fishes sparkle, heavy from the nets, etc., at the same time, the floating season begins. At this time, coming to Tra Su Melaleuca forest is the best, because when you come here, you can explore the land of gardens - rivers.

An Giang tourist destination

The boats turn the waves day and night, not only taking visitors to explore the forest during the day but also taking them to catch fish at night. 

Explore Bung Binh Thien sky lake to know what An Giang has

Bung Binh Thien is known as the largest freshwater lake in the Southwest region. This not only contributes to the regulation of natural freshwater for the region, but also the watershed of Champa culture.

Bung Binh Thien are two lakes named Big Bung - Small Bung . In which, people know more about Big Bung because Little Bung has quite a bit of water. This is a large lake, connected to Binh Di Giang in a small canal and has become an attractive tourist destination.

An Giang tourist destination

Surely when you come to a large freshwater lake like this, the first thing you need to do is rent a boat to explore all the nooks and crannies in the heart of "Bung". Besides, the experience of casting nets with local people catching fish, picking dandelions, etc. is great in the last minutes of the day.

What else is interesting in An Giang? Let's go for a walk at Tinh Bien market?

Tinh Bien Market - The border market of Vietnam and Cambodia, has long been known as a trade and service center, an important gateway of the southwestern border.

With a strategic location, the Tinh Bien market can develop tourism because it has National Highway 91, National Highway N1, and border gates, easy for trade and cultural exchange. This is a trade bridge as well as an important gateway connecting An Giang with provinces in the Mekong Delta and countries in the region.

At Tinh Bien market, goods are displayed in the form of "selling in cages, stalls stretching along the horizontal and vertical aisles".

An Giang tourist destination

Surely when entering the market you will be overwhelmed by the variety of adjacent stalls, selling countless domestic and foreign products at extremely cheap prices.

Chau Doc is also famous for the sacred Ba Chua Xu Temple

Ba Chua Xu Temple is located at the foot of Sam mountain - in Sam Mountain - Chau Doc - An Giang. As a sacred destination, attracting not only domestic but also foreign tourists.

During the period from January to April of the lunar calendar every year, Ba Chua Xu Temple is always crowded with visitors because there is a festival of Via Ba Chua Xu Nui Sam in 3 days from April 24 to April 27.

An Giang tourist destination

What's attractive about Ba Chua Temple in An Giang? Tourists from all over the world mainly come to burn incense and pray for a prosperous, happy, and peaceful new year. Those who do business and merchants pray for a prosperous business, and farmers pray for favorable weather, flowers, and good crops.

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How is Tuyet Tinh Coc An Giang different from other cities?

Unlike the poetic beauty of Da Lat, the ancient beauty of Hoa Lu’s ancient relic site, or the typical blue watercolor of Hai Phong, returning to the West, Nui Coc lake seems to have its own, which cannot be fully expressed in words. The beauty of the plain is reaped every day, hidden under the undulating mountains.

An Giang tourist destination

Tuyet Tinh Coc located on the top of Ta Pa mountain, Tri Ton district, An Giang province is one of the remnants of the quarry.

Ta Pa Lake with beautiful jade green shimmering in the middle of the mountains and forests, the lake is located in Ta Pa hill, one of the 7 most beautiful mountains creating the famous That Son place of An Giang province.

Coming to An Giang, it is impossible to miss this famous tourist destination, about 400 meters from the lake is Ta Pa Pagoda, which people in the region often call Nui Pagoda. Visitors can visit the ancient temple with many outstanding relics of this Tri Ton countryside.

In addition to visiting these places, you can also enjoy An Giang specialties to make the trip more meaningful!